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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Sightreading in the General forums; Originally Posted by Veldkamp I deleted most of the mp3s on my site that weren't original compositions. The copyright department ...
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    Re: Sightreading

    Quote Originally Posted by Veldkamp View Post
    I deleted most of the mp3s on my site that weren't original compositions. The copyright department in the Netherlands developed a program (bot) to check all websites for mp3s and if you have stuff on your site that you don't have the copyrights of, you can start paying!
    I figured it was something like that. I really had a good time playing that one while it was there!

    When are they going to bust YouTube? That's where the big money would be.
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    Re: Sightreading

    They already have some sort of a deal with YouTube.

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    Re: Sightreading

    Quote Originally Posted by john7401 View Post
    Thanks for the site Veldkamp + others who posted

    Rowuk...I have another question for you- Are you the god of Trumpet knowledge?
    no, I am not even close. Actually most of what I post here is simple common sense. I take a step back when a question comes up and ask "what is really the issue or problem here". Once you get used to treating the illness and not the symptom, you move forwards a lot faster.

    My main job is systems analyst and this approach works everywhere.

    Try it yourself. Next time somebody complains about something, ask yourself what is the REAL reason that they are making noise. Most of the time you will see that it has nothing to do with the complaint. If you only solve the complaint, the problem will pop up again later and you start over again.

    One example from one of my students lives: they came a couple of weeks in a row not very well prepared. I asked what was wrong and they said that they got yelled at for playing too loudly. I asked if it was ok to talk with the mother and they were uneasy but said yes. I visited the mom and she said that she wanted to talk to me about that. She had headaches and it was a problem. Her husband came in as he had heard a bit of what we were talking about and said, "honey I told you that you need to go to the dentist". She was afraid of the dentist though-I recommended my dentist who is also fantastic with kids and has all of the tricks to take fear away. The mom got her toothache solved and my student can practice normally again.

    Had I given my student my silent brass, the problem would not have gone away and perhaps the mom would have yelled for other reasons too. The problem is solved, it took a simple step back and now EVERYTHING is better.
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