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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Silver Plating Issues in the General forums; This is my first post here on TM. Please be gentle. I have an Old Yammie with mint silver. I ...
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    Silver Plating Issues

    This is my first post here on TM. Please be gentle. I have an Old Yammie with mint silver. I am thinking of replacing the mouthpipe. Has anyone here had success with touching up silver or will I just have to live with the grayed-out silver look?


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    Re: Silver Plating Issues

    If the appearance is an issue, don't unsolder the old one, just clip the new one to the old one. There are several designs to accomplish this. I am sure that any reasonable technician can rig that up for you. A trumpet with 2 leadpipes looks pretty cool!
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    Re: Silver Plating Issues

    You might check with Charlie Melk at Charlie's Brass Works (link) - he mentioned to me the other day that he has spot-plating capability at his shop (I was asking him about what happens when he has to move and remount the receiver to increase the gap on an already-plated horn). Give him a call and I am sure that he could tell you what would be involved in mounting a leadpipe and what the cosmetic results would be. You can purchase leadpipes that are already silver-plated, and then it would probably just be a matter of spot-plating at the solder-joints?

    At any rate, he's very nice to talk to and will give you the straight scoop...

    I know that Charlie sells his own leadpipes in both raw brass and silver plate - he replaced the leadpipe on my old Bach with one of his and the change was incredible.
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