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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Since you asked... in the General forums; Originally Posted by trickg Another comment on the subject of the alternate fingering - no explanation is necessary - even ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by trickg
    Another comment on the subject of the alternate fingering - no explanation is necessary - even though the A might lock a little better with the 3rd valve fingering, it doesn't make you lazy for using it - you do what is necessary to make the best music possible.

    Something else that I have noticed, and keep in mind that I know very little about this subject, is that depending on the chord structure, it seems that sometimes if you play a note just a hair high or low of the center of the pitch it "tempers" the chord and really gets it to ring. Does that sound silly or is there something to that? I mean, most of the time a player just uses their ears and makes the minute adjustment automatically, but it sticks in my mind that for instance an A that is played in one chord might not be quite the same A that is played in another - the note is tempered and adjusted both in sound and pitch to best resonate within the chord. Am I nuts or is there some truth to this?
    I was always taught to play major thirds slightly flat and minor thirds slightly sharp, and yes I do think it does make a difference.

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    *I may not be great yet, but I'm working hard on it and one day I'm gonna be there.*

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    THAT is a teacing clip if I ever heard one! Even on my cheesy computer speakers I can hear the resultant tones buzzing away! And it looks so effortless from you both...

    Now if I could get my 5th graders to play that in tune!
    "Roses have thorns; shining waters mud. Clouds and eclipses stain the moon and the sun; and history reeks of the wrongs we have done. After today, after today, consider me gone."- Sting

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    It appeared from the link that you used puffed cheeks in that one! Then I saw the video (what little chose to play), and it didn't appear as though you use puffed cheeks. This got me thinking though, I seem to recall seeing Bud Herseth the one time I saw him using puffed cheeks while he played. Anyways, could you provide an answer as to what really is the case for this confused chap?

    I guess it shows though, one can play out of their right nostril and be the greatest, it's really a matter of dedication and what works for the individual.
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    I have to laugh beause I can assure you it's not puffed cheeks...'s being a few more pounds overweight than I should be...



    HEY... I just looked at it again and what it is, is an optical illusion from the frames and lenses of my glasses. When I filled the screen I could see why you thought that. Whew... good, now I can get back to that banana split!

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    I don't think you saw puffed cheeks on either player, but rather muscle to the front.

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    Thanks Manny!!

    I listened a couple of times and then played along and then listened some more.

    Very nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manny Laureano

    I played a few things solo but my favorite licks were the ones I played with Dave Bamonte. He's a first class musician and fun to play with. AND a good storyteller... very funny guy.


    Manny you and DB sounded great....Just goes to show you need to play more with us if the Don was there we'd really have an amazing 3some......I'll bring the shark and lets rock!!!!! the way The Don taught Dave every funny story he ever heard........!!! Most involved real life experiences that he and I have had over the

    " Do I amuse you Henry"

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