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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Ska? Any Opinions? in the General forums; I'm just getting into liking ska. I wasn't into it when it was really popular, well because I was about ...
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    Ska? Any Opinions?

    I'm just getting into liking ska. I wasn't into it when it was really popular, well because I was about 4-ish back then. But I've been listening to Reel Big Fish and Save Ferris and Mighty Mighty Bosstones ect. I really love how it's punk with a horn section. I want to create a ska band, me being lead trumpet of course. But whenever I ask someone if they would want to join(if I ever do actually start a band), they have no idea what ska is. I would love to hear your opinions on this and advice if you have any. :)
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    Re: Ska? Any Opinions?

    Putting a band together seldom has anything to do with music. You need real organizational talent, a never ending patience, very little pride as begging is a big part of getting commitments. If the people you ask are not to good in music history, tell them it is jazz. Everybody knows what that is
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    Re: Ska? Any Opinions?

    Or maybe you should change your approach. Go at ska/rocksteady/reaggae shows, make friends with people who like the music, and find musicians who know the scene, and want to start a band. Easier than you might think.
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    Re: Ska? Any Opinions?

    Come down to the chicago area, my friend wants to start one too. not to sure how that would work out though
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    Re: Ska? Any Opinions?

    Ska is great!!

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    Re: Ska? Any Opinions?

    [ame=]YouTube - Skaravan (arena)[/ame]

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