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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Slide severely stuck... in the General forums; Originally Posted by Rushtucky As stated above, take it to a tech and pay the $15 to have it removed. ...
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    Re: Slide severely stuck...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rushtucky View Post
    As stated above, take it to a tech and pay the $15 to have it removed. When you get it back take brass polish and bring it to a shining luster. Apply vaseline and maintain it.

    Trying to pull it out yourself could lead to problem and damage to the horn.
    Yes very true, my friend had a yamaha 2320 and the main tuning slide was stuck, he used the shoelace technique then the tuning slide got bent, causing the leadpipe to also bend, I don't know if the horn was flimsy but it was dumb, even though it was a mistake in the process(he tugged too hard), anyone can make that mistake when we get frustrated...

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    Re: Slide severely stuck...

    Run it under some warm water and it should loosen up. You can use the shoelace trick also, but don't yank on it too hard. I had a friend in the Region band that had his main tuning slide stuck the day before the concert. So, we did a shoelace trick, and ended up completely pulling the slide off. Luckily, the local music store was able to put it back together in time, but it was a bit of a disaster.
    Another friend of mine put valve oil into the trumpet also and it always seemed to help a bit. Maybe give that a shot?

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