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Trumpet Discussion Discuss slotting........ in the General forums; Can anyone explain what makes one trumpet slot better than another?...
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    Can anyone explain what makes one trumpet slot better than another?

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    Re: slotting........

    Quote Originally Posted by crowmadic View Post
    Can anyone explain what makes one trumpet slot better than another?
    I think perhaps a better concept of 'slotting' might help you. It would take "way" too long to quote Bob Findley's book, plus it might be illegal to post excerpts but, it is an excellent publication, and should be a must have for trumpet players. It can be ordered off his web site ... Bob Findley - Trumpet Player - Professional History - Brass Instruments - Method Book ...

    Regarding horns & slotting, all things being equal and assuming you're going to compare two 'different' models, and they are both good ones, the 'slotting factor' is usually something that's inherent in any particular design. If you think one horn slots better that must be the feel you're more comfortable. Some players prefer narrow, tighter slotting with more resisitance and some might prefer a wider slot with a horn they can push tons of air through. Neither is right or wrong, just different.
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    Re: slotting........

    This is my interpretation:
    If the horn "wants" to play a note that is centered on the correct pitch then that note slots well. If it is harder to use your lips to bend it up or down in pitch, it slots well and has a tight slot. IOW the player doesn't have to fight with the horn to get the correct pitch. (we are not talking about slide adjustment)

    If the horn doesn't grab that centered note but instead requires you to bend it into the right pitch, it slots loosely, or poorly. Having to do this costs effort for the player, but there are some genres (quarter tone?)where a loose-slotting horn may work better.
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