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Trumpet Discussion Discuss So how did you get into playing trumpet? in the General forums; As early as 5 years old I would sit on the corner of the bandstand, looking up at every trumpet ...
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    Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    As early as 5 years old I would sit on the corner of the bandstand, looking up at every trumpet player that played at every Italian "Football-Wedding" my family attended (it's too lengthy to explain "Football-wedding), ....O.K... the sandwiches that were piled on the table in paper bags would be thrown from one table/person to another upon requests like, "CAPICOLLA! BOLOGNA!". Anyway, while my cousins were running around like maniacs, I would stare up at the trumpet player for every set. When the opportunity came in 7th grade to play an instrument there was no question about my choice. I consider Trumpet my first love. But I haven't been a very faithful mate.

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    Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    we started band in the 5th grade and I wanted to play the trombone but being short of stature I could not reach the last 3 positions. I bought my 1st cornet with paper route money and haven't looked back. Dave
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    Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    In 5th grade I wanted to play violin - but my uncle had a peashooter from when he was in a Marine band (WWII). Then listened to Louis Armstrong and Red Nichols and decided it was not a bad instrument to play.
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    Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    When I was in fourth grade I heard Doc play. End of Story.


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    Smile Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    Growin' up my mom and dad didn't really listen to music other than the radio, and then it was either Gospel or Country.
    The summer of '73 my grandpa and grandma passed away within a couple of months of each other. My parents had us stay with a family friend for a week. The oldest son played drums in a jazz band and they practiced in the garage several nights a week. The trumpet players was the "cool" dude in the band. He drove a vette, always came to rehearsal with some hot gal (she wore the shortest shorts and skirts I'd ever seen), and honestly, he was the only band member that even acknowledged my presence. I had a new role model...

    I started buggin' my parents from that time on to let me play trumpet. They finally gave in, bought me a flee-market special cornet and I started in band the next school year.

    Now that I think about it...
    I never did end up with a vette...
    Or the hot chick...
    Must've messed up the mojo by playin' cornet instead of trumpet...

    Grandpa's last words were "Be careful that things loaded"...

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    Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    Wait a minute. You are all replying, but I forgot too. Even after making the thread I completely forgotten. Well I have 3 sisters, and I am the only boy plus I am the youngest. Oldest sister played Sax ( more serious one but very fun ), next one played trumpet ( the cool one of the bunch ), and the nearest one to me played flute (pain in the neck but otherwise close). Well my 2 oldest quit in junior high at the end for sports... My other one quit right of the bat and went to choir (same with other sisters once they quit). Well I chose trumpet without thinking, and I love it. Awesome sound, but the 2nd best sound I believe is sax. Now I am in High School, playing in all the bands (marching, concert, pep, and jazz bands), plus I was the only one in my family other than my mother (who is a clarinet player) to go through with playing. Now I am involved with everything possible (clubs, band, sports, alot of outside activities) so I have a very insane life. I still play and I am a freshman and I will always play. Music is in my blood. My dad is a good guitarist, and my grandfather (which I look like him when he was younger) is a piano player & trumpet player. Well that is a short over view of my story. Now tell me more of ya'lls.

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    Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    i was kinda set on trumpet since i can remember. My friend's dad happens to be a professional trumpet player who lived in Baltimore for a while. he was the first call person for records and performances. So very early on i got to hear him play and i loved it. in 6th grade i started playing and became really involved with it. During my switch to high school was when i got the trumpet that you see in my avatar. i call it Linda =) anyway, i play in my high schools jazz band, marching band, concert band, and pep band. and there are many non-school related activities. This past year i went to all-state and had a blast, we played John Barnes Chance's Incantation and Dance. Awesome piece of music. and just 2 days ago, i got to listen to Arturo Sandoval, that was a once in a lifetime experience that i will never forget. my main reason for jazz band in the first place is Arturo, and Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band. i listen to them both daily and love it. I hope to continue trumpet playing, and i am sure i will.
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    Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    My older sister was in the school band, and I wanted to be in the band too. I certainly didn't want to play flute like her, but I didn't know what else to play. The flute seemed too complicated, too many buttons. The trumpet was the smallest thing with the fewest amount of buttons - how hard could that be? I was also impressed with the size to noise ratio... :)
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    Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    32 years ago, I was 18. Heard the assistant pastor at a church play. I was hooked!

    Began, lessons, practice, some performing later.

    Put it down for 25 years. Back at it again for the past year.

    Richard Oliver

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    Re: So how did you get into playing trumpet?

    I started in fifth grade. My first choice was sax, second was trumpet. I couldn't make a sound on sax at first but trumpet came pretty easily. I eventually decided on trumpet because my best friend was going to learn as well. It's odd that HE convinced ME to play, because he switched from trumpet in tenth grade and is now a euphonium performance major at Shenandoah University.

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