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I think this is the best we've been in the 3 years I've been at Dobson (my highschool)...
trumpet blower88,

I got a kick out of your post seeing that you are from Arizona. I've always enjoyed the Dobson Marching Band. I went to school in Tucson and in the early 80s your school was just fantastic (several hundred on the field every year).

Your current director played in one of my current ensembles for quite a few years (the Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble). I saw him several weeks ago in a reading orchestra in North Scottsdale (we were doing Capriccio Espagnole and Sibelius Symphony No. 2). He's a really fine player!

I'm pretty sure that at least one of the trumpet players in your section attends my church (Matt and maybe Ben). Your band went to Carnegie Hall in the spring, right?

Anyway, just interesting to see someone with similar ties here in the valley.

Have a great season!
Yeah, my director, Jon Gomez, does talk about the Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble occasionaly. And yes I do belive Matt goes to your church, he is my best friend since the 7th grade. Ben however, goes to Corona, not Dobson, however Corona also has a very fine marching band. And yes, we did play at Carnegie in June, it was a blast!