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Trumpet Discussion Discuss So what really gives you better endurance? in the General forums; Originally Posted by trickg I've come close to fainting dozens of times - it's not really an endurance thing though ...
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    Re: So what really gives you better endurance?

    Quote Originally Posted by trickg View Post
    I've come close to fainting dozens of times - it's not really an endurance thing though - just an air thing that usually only happens when I'm slightly nervous for some reason.
    For me, I wasn't expelling the stale air completely before taking another breath.
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    Smile Re: So what really gives you better endurance?

    [QUOTE=trickg;496144]Interesting posts.

    I am beginning to think that endurance is directly linked to efficiency, and that you don't necessarily have to practice or play a lot in order to achieve it.

    However you do have to maintain it!
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    Re: So what really gives you better endurance?

    Quote Originally Posted by trickg View Post
    Aren't you still in middle school or something? Given that I have been playing trumpet close to 3x longer than you have been alive, forgive me if I take your advice on the matter with a grain of salt. Endurance is not something you can build up in a matter of days.

    Good endurance is something that eludes many people for years, and it's often not a simple matter of just playing harder or playing more. Even if you push and push yourself, if your fundamentals aren't strong, or if you have some major embouchure problems, practicing more could actually be detrimental to your endurance.

    I'm just glad that I've gotten to a point where I can maintain my chops with fairly simple practice concepts and exercises that don't require that I spend hours of time on the horn a day.

    Ah - here we are:

    The kind of endurance I'm talking about is the kind of endurance required to get through a night at a real gig where the band might play 40+ songs, and the playing requires range up to and beyond high C. (2nd ledger above the staff) I'm not talking about the kind of endurance it takes to successfully navigate through a 5th grade band class. I don't say this to be condescending, but rather to point out that at your age and stage of playing, you really don't have a clue what I'm talking about or what this thread is about. At only 3 years into your trumpet playing efforts, it's likely that you've barely begun to develop your chops.
    there is actually an interesting effect for players that do normally play a lot and then take 2 weeks off for vacation. They come back and have 15 minutes of bliss, then their world caves in. If they spend a couple of intense days, they have their endurance back, albeit with some limitations on concictency. The longer you have played, the more patterns are stored in your head, the less time you need to get going again.
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    Re: So what really gives you better endurance?

    Hey, I'm just a beginner, but we need endurance too. The trumpet is a very demanding instrument physically, a lot more so than say, guitar or piano (or even drums for that matter). I'm finding that out pretty quick.

    To help, I buzz the mouthpiece while walking fast on the treadmill. It really helps with air and being able to practice longer without getting light headed or dizzy, but there's still all those lower face muscles ....

    btw ... As a beginner, I find all the extra OXYGEN is a revelation. I sometimes find myself grinning for no reason and getting totally euphoric in strange, random moments. A side effect of horn blowing, I guess.

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