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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Soldering Water Key in the General forums; Originally Posted by SteveRicks He keeps offering to teach me if I would come work for him (for around minimum ...
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    Re: Soldering Water Key

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveRicks View Post
    He keeps offering to teach me if I would come work for him (for around minimum wage from what I hear from the other workers). I hold a government job (appointed) with lots of responsibility that demands about 70+ hours a week or else I might consider it.
    Dawg!!! That's awesome! I am really close to retiring and I would so LOVE to do that. There's just nothing around here that offers an opportunity like that. It would mean over an hour long commute into the big smoke and even then I don't know if there's anyone who would actually take me on. All the techs I've met in Toronto are one man operations. If I moved to London, ON there is an amazing (for Canada) shop there, and I think Rob would be willing to let me help, but I don't see a move like that in my future.

    This is one of my favorite pics I've found on-line. Seems like a good place to stick it in . . .

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    Re: Soldering Water Key

    I might consider it when I retire soon. I'm sure he is hunting someone to work 8 hrs a day and when I retire, I'm retired. The guy is very good, but quite essentric. He has designed several horns (think he did the Bach 200 or 300 many years ago). I've heard that in some repair classes he would walk in with an alto or tenor sax, toss it 5 feet in the air and let it smash on the ground and then teach them how to make it look like new. He can remove a dent in the bell to where you never knew it was there- most others have at least a slight ripple. Problem is, he is getting quite old and skills are deteriorating.
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