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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Some advice to assist in melody playing in the General forums; Electricity came back on after 8 days. Internet and phone 2 days later. I wrote this little blog entry last ...
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    Lightbulb Some advice to assist in melody playing

    Electricity came back on after 8 days. Internet and phone 2 days later. I wrote this little blog entry last week but was unable to post it until now. I hope it is helpful:
    ivan?s blog
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    Re: Some advice to assist in melody playing

    You were hit by the bad weather? Lucky that you play trumpet and not e-guitar!


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    Re: Some advice to assist in melody playing

    Hi Ivan
    Good to see you got through the ordeal OK. Just the clean-up left to do? Hope you were only affected by the electricity outages.

    Yes, interesting Blog - and comments on the requirement to know the music and the accompaniment.

    I think the observations are just as relevant to concert band pieces. It is impossible to practice a lot of this music at home, as it is only in the format of the band that all the chords make sense. I find if I practice the pieces by myself at home, I start to believe that some of the notes are wrong, as they don't make musical sequence in isolation - but are perfect in the Band context.

    Nice Blog. and YouTube certainly helps to get examples to get the brain around the music

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    Re: Some advice to assist in melody playing

    Spot on, Ivan--playing is a "we" thing and not a "me" thing.
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    Re: Some advice to assist in melody playing

    VB, at its best it is.
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