Hi Brekelefuw,

Thanks for your query. I studied at the Merton College in Middlesex, U.K. Merton is one of the boroughs of London. The course is a three year programme consisting of two days a week. One on brass the other on woodwind. After a few months I gave up on the woodwind - it just wasn't my thing. Far too fiddly and as I don't play woodwind I experienced real difficulties as I couldn't play test instruments I worked on. After the first year I was offered a position here in the Middle East as a follow to my previous career so somewhat reluctantly finished the course then. However what I had learnt on brass repair had bolstered the years of experience undertaking minor repairs and pretty soon I was taking in work for musician friends, local schools and private individuals plus work for my band. I had the opportunity to assist a Salvation Army project to supply refurbished instruments to the SA in Kenya. That was very rewarding because I ended with around 20 or so instrumentsthat I had been able to put into decent playing condition, and so begin a new life of being played. Best of luck with your studies and I hope that you find repair work as interesting as I do.