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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Something we need to know about in the General forums; This isn't a new thing either. When I was in high school (over 12 years ago) I witnessed kids doing ...
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    This isn't a new thing either. When I was in high school (over 12 years ago) I witnessed kids doing exactly the same thing with cans of compressed lighter fuel, and now you can't buy lighter fuel in cans unless you can prove that you are over 18, but many shops just don't even stock it now. I think there was a spate of deaths in the uk from this a while ago, but I'm sure it still happens here too.

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    It's called "Huffing"

    Nasty stuff

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    Wow.. I know a group of kids from my school. They were sucking some sort of air from a can. They told me it was Computer Cleaner from the local Office Depot. They were even doing in my classrooms while the teacher wasn't looking, next to me! I almost tried the "Computer Cleaner" because i was curious but i didn't. A bunch of kids started fainting and thats how they were caught... some serious stuff there..

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    For not trying it even though you were curious. It's very dangerous and now you know what it was all about.

    G-d bless,


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    drugs is a big problem where i live.... one of my friends has asked me to try alot of that stuff, shes done huffing, snuffing, marijuana, crack..everything..... shes asked me to try it before but i told her i cant because i need my lungs for the trumpet and dont want to die....well i havent seen her for two months now, the last time i saw her she called me horrible names and such but i dont want to become like her, i want to become like most of you here a professinal trumpeter, and drugs just dont mix in..... i cant type anymore from crying.......


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