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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Split Lip in the General forums; I split my lip in mid august and the cut is still there 2 months later and it hasnt yet ...
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    Split Lip

    I split my lip in mid august and the cut is still there 2 months later and it hasnt yet healed.
    It hurts to play and it decreases my ability.
    Any suggestions????

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    Re: Split Lip

    i would think it would have to heal fully before attempting to play again.
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    Re: Split Lip

    Lots of vitamin E?

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    Re: Split Lip

    Spend a few bucks and visit a reconstructive surgeon. One or two small stitches might get you into the healing mode. You might check mixillofacial surgeons in the phone book. Take your mouthpiece with you.

    Good luck. The surgeon may tell you to lay off for a few weeks instead of microstiches.

    One more resource: Call the musicians union in your town and ask for a reference. They will have a list of Docs to help you out.
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    Re: Split Lip

    Did you split your lip playing trumpet, or was it some other trauma? Tell your doctor that this is something serious for you, and see if you can get some references. After two months, skin and such should be healed to the point you can play. I wish you nothing but the best!
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    Re: Split Lip

    Stop playing until you have been to the doctor. Playing on an open wound will lead to scar tissue! That will be a much greater "pain" than anything you experience now! 2 months is too long! Don't wait - stchasking has given you GREAT advice.
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