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    Split lips

    What do people do when they have a lip condition ? I have dry lips due to weather conditions, and travelling which has also produced a cut / split. I was playing through but the tone seemed very affected and the lip wasn't healing ( despite using all sorts of creams/ gunks / salves ). I've now decided to take a week off playing - is this the right thing to do, any advice ?

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    Re: Split lips

    I once split my lip quite badly and it was healing very slowly, reopening every time I played. I went to see a dermatologist, who suggested applying a little superglue to the cut before playing, so that it would stay closed and continue to heal. Worked very well. The superglue peels off after a few hours. Good luck!

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    Re: Split lips

    True story: 30 days into a stretch of 40 one night stands with the Buddy Rich Band, Eric Miyashiro (lead trumpet) had the exact same problem. And what did he do to fix it...that's right, SUPERGLUE!
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