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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Spoknkrk A New Word! in the General forums; Or, as I once found on a loo door: "Scott me up, Beamie!"...
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    Re: Spoknkrk A New Word!

    Or, as I once found on a loo door: "Scott me up, Beamie!"
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    Re: Spoknkrk A New Word!

    It's those Klingons in the Grups sector circling Uranus that cause Tribble and interference at the WormHole. This requires Sensor Probes to be utilised at Warp Speed to get the Transporter to move the Spatial Anomaly before it enters the Subspace and strikes the Deflector Shield at the Yeager Loop. Any Static Warp Bubble left behind in the area can be removed with a Baryon Sweep. I usually examine the Co-axial Drive on my Omega watch to help pass the time between Warp motions
    But yes Dr Mark, we all do Understand the Lingo.
    Good word for Oxford to consider
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    Why do I like a bell that Points UP ?
    - because the spit does not run back into my mouth!

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    Re: Spoknkrk A New Word!

    lets not forget the ever popular

    "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer" which Kirk replies, "You're a healer, there's a patient. That's an order."
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