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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Squeaky Mutes in the General forums; Originally Posted by rowuk The best way to get rid of the squeak is just use the mute a lot. ...
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    Re: Squeaky Mutes

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    The best way to get rid of the squeak is just use the mute a lot. Practice with it often and like most other things trumpet, when you have earned it, it is there.

    Sometimes he rubs me the wrong way but this time he's right on. Thanks for the common sense answer, Best wishes.
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    Re: Squeaky Mutes

    It happens over again when you apply new cork to a mute, and moreso when such doesn't mate exactly to the bell of your instrument. I've sanded to fit and then hand rubbed in resin powder, and this latter is not a plastic but that as used for the violin bow. For what it originally was powderized I don't know and the label has so far deteriorated on the can I don't even know who made it. All I know is my grandfather suggested I use it. He used it on the gut fiddle strings he had on one of his instruments. The can I now have was his and I've only about one fourth left. All I do know about using it is that when corks are dry they squeak and this resin prevents it. I hate to use mutes, but have to when the music or conductor says I must.

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