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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Stand Partner from the Black Lagoon in the General forums; This summer I moved back to my old school district after being away for a year and remembered why I ...
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    Stand Partner from the Black Lagoon

    This summer I moved back to my old school district after being away for a year and remembered why I liked the trumpet much more after moving away. My stand partner is in simple terms, a jerk. He has to say somthing at every 3 mesure rest we have. Its not just that but what he says is usaully critism given very rudely. He even tells people how to place the music on the stand for Pete's sake! Other trumpeters have had the same isssues with him. I try to ignore him but it is very diffucult. Any suggestions? The band director wouldn't care and I don't want to be mean back to him.
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    Re: Stand Partner from the Black Lagoon

    Just do your best to ignore him, do not let his behavior upset you.

    If you have a long rest to count, whip your horn up 2 or 3 bars before your entry and pretend to play, this will confuse him and he will enter in the wrong place, this works every time for me.

    Regards, Stuart.

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    Re: Stand Partner from the Black Lagoon

    Oooo, pyscological warfare!
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    Re: Stand Partner from the Black Lagoon

    Spit valve on his leg.
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    Re: Stand Partner from the Black Lagoon

    habanero pepper juice on his mpc rim
    put some of this (How To Make Green Slime (non toxic) - YouTube) in his horn then ridicule him loudly when he empties his spit valve.

    get your own stand... ask your director for a diviorce because he's a jerk. Use educator buzz words like "harrassing", "bullying", etc...
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    Re: Stand Partner from the Black Lagoon

    Be mean back to him. This passive-aggressive crap never works. Tell him to STFU.


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    Re: Stand Partner from the Black Lagoon

    I have on occasion reminded people "that it is the MD's opinion that is important, not yours"
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    Re: Stand Partner from the Black Lagoon

    What? An insecure, bullying, obnoxious jerk in a high school trumpet section? Say it ain't so, I've never heard of such a thing. But seriously, go to the band director, WITH the rest of section. If the director doesn't care that there's a major problem in the section, that is a problem. Otherwise, the rest of the section totally ignoring will hurt him the worst. He wants attention. And I'm sure he's far from perfect. When he makes a "correction" on you, point out one of his failings that the director has pointed out, or just tell him flat out that it is the director's job to make those corrections, not his. Failing that, put a rubber rat in his case or bell or locker. Remember, the only thing more fun than a rubber rat is a real rat...have some fun with him. Place the music in a way that will make him furious. All of this will get the director's attention on him and his attitude. Good luck.
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