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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Standing or Sitting? in the General forums; Sit. Lazy....
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    Re: Standing or Sitting?

    Sit. Lazy.

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    Re: Standing or Sitting?

    I sit for practice now (mostly), but if I'm somewhere with a little more space, I actually find myself pacing slowly around the room instead of in one static position. No, I'm not marching.

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    Re: Standing or Sitting?

    I do both.

    When I was younger i always practiced sitting down. Well, about 17 years ago I had my first solo in front of a big band. There were a few hundred people there and when I stood up and started playing I got an adrenaline dump. I played fine, but my knees started shaking so badly that I almost fell down.

    After that I started practicing standing up as well...

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    Re: Standing or Sitting?

    For me it depends on the piece of music that I am practicing.... concert band music I will practice sitting down. Latin Music.... different ball of wax. I will stand for this because in the Latin band you stand to play anyway. and the notes are screaming high and its easyer to play them standing, so really its all on the person or the situation that you will be playing in.
    Megan Ressler

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    Re: Standing or Sitting?

    You need to be able to do both comfortably. Just play both ways. Find a good hard back chair to sit in. Kitchen chairs can be good to use. Not folding chairs and not anything you sink down in.
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    Re: Standing or Sitting?

    I do both. The best thing that I did a while ago is buy a couple of stools to sit on after herniating a disc in my lower back.. Maintaining posture is much better, and my stusents have to sit on them too!

    Pete Grimaldi

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