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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Star Spangled Banner in the General forums; Happy Fourth of July! This is a video of me performing the Star Spangled Banner at my graduation.
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    Star Spangled Banner

    Happy Fourth of July! This is a video of me performing the Star Spangled Banner at my graduation.
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    Re: Star Spangled Banner

    Awesome job, broseph.
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    Re: Star Spangled Banner

    Well done, although at one stage I could feel you saying, please get this over quickly, then you settled.

    Very nicely done,
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    Re: Star Spangled Banner

    If it were competition, I would ask if it were your intention to play swing or dotted 8th/16th. What you played was somewhere in between although you did bring in some elements that would indicate that swing at least was a bit on your mind.

    My take is that we play this piece on purpose and considering the history, it is worth defining our intentions and then going for it.

    You did a decent job. Thanks for the post!
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    Re: Star Spangled Banner

    Not bad at all. Seems like everybody has to put their "style" on it at some point. Pro singers included. I've only soloed on it once for a group myself. First time I'd ever played the melody in the center section, too. It can be a somewhat daunting experience
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    Re: Star Spangled Banner

    Nice playing - but your blues "tag" at the end ruined it for me.

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