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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Steps to improvement? in the General forums; Originally Posted by hichez ....[S]nazzy its [it's?] better to work everyday for less time then [than?]take a full day off. ...
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    Re: Steps to improvement?

    Quote Originally Posted by hichez View Post
    ....[S]nazzy its [it's?] better to work everyday for less time then [than?]take a full day off. That full day you take off nothing will improve at all....
    Tons of stuff improves! When I first moved to Germany, I practised six hard hours each day except the Sabbath (Sunday in Calvin/Luther southern Germany). That day I took off allowed my chops and head to recover, and muscles recovering is an improvement in itself!

    This applies to any work we do, even low impact stuff. A day spent lying in bed will cost us about five percent of our strength, but if we worked all our muscle groups well the day before we'll end up stronger.
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    Re: Steps to improvement?

    Quote Originally Posted by hichez View Post
    Rowuk im no professional but from what I hear from professional machines people want to assume that musician are the next best things to machines. We are required to get 100% during performances. While that often doesn't happen its still quite inetresting.

    Also snazzy its better to work everyday for less time then take a full day off. That full day you take off nothing will improve at all. Even if you get fustrated just take it easy. Plus im sure that you can learn some practice lower ocatives or your major and mnior scales. Also their are modes and jazz scales to be learnt. Their are plenty you can do. It you tounging as crisp in your lower register as your middle and upper? Just play.
    I do play professionally and disagree with you across the board. We are not required to get 100% during performances. Nobody can afford to rehearse for 100%. The better you get, the more you realize how far away from the absolute truth that you are and how much is left to accomplish. pros get called because they deliver the essence of what is required. To the casual observer, it may appear perfect.

    It is also just plain BS that a day off is not good. When you are very deep into the trumpet, you need to come up for air on a regular basis. A day off gives you a breath of fresh air. If I lay off for a day or two, nothing gets worse, nothing disappears. As a matter of fact, that day off gives me a fresh perspective and makes the practice sessions even more special.

    Getting a life is one of the most important parts of becoming really good.

    I don't know how many students that you have taught in your life, none of mine have ever suffered from a day off. It is even good to train to deal with less that perfect situations. I have run into many practice room monsters that fall apart on stage - because they are psychologically hung up on a system that gives them no room to breathe.
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    Re: Steps to improvement?

    Thanks for the clear up of misconceptions. Well I know that a day off every now and then doesn't hurt.

    Also I think a pharased my 100% philosophy way wrong. When I say "required" maybe I should have said we strongly recommended to strive for 100% which is way different in meaning. Also are their and books on the psychological side of music/trumpet playing. Seems like it would be intresting. Sorry for the misleading comment im here to learn also.
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