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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Stolen Bb Monette in the General forums; Monette Bb Trumpet Custom MB-111/MB-199 Raw Brass finish/no case SN 771 Last seen in 1992 in Athens, Ohio (police report ...
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    Re: Stolen Bb Monette

    1992 ???
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    Re: Stolen Bb Monette

    Yes. I know it's been a while... and a very long shot but worth a try... It was a great horn.

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    Re: Stolen Bb Monette

    This would have been a great subject in 2007 when you joined. Now the thief has another 8 years lead on us....

    Monettes hold their value well, the Monette company should be informed, it may go back in for a pitch center adjust one day.
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    Re: Stolen Bb Monette

    23 years ago!
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    Re: Stolen Bb Monette

    Yes. Thanks. I thought I had posted it here but perhaps not. I had posted it on other sites and informed Dave about it and check in with them once-in-a-while. My thinking is after all this time it may have made its way back into circulation where it may be identified. :)
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    Re: Stolen Bb Monette

    Wishing you the best. I bet there is a chance this could turn up.

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    Re: Stolen Bb Monette

    Keep checking with local police where it was stolen. It may have been recovered but police are unable to identify the true owner. Usually, such items as are unredeemed eventually go on sale or auction by police and ownership legally passes to purchaser. You will need original purchase documents/provenance to prove ownership to police.

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    Re: Stolen Bb Monette

    A good reason to add your instruments to your homeowners or renter's insurance policy for a very few extra $bucks.
    (Can't comment on countries outside the USA.)
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    Re: Stolen Bb Monette

    I had a trumpet stolen back in 1989, but the serial number wasn't put down anywhere and the entire case, trumpet, receipt and all disappeared.
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