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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Stolen Monette in Oregon in the General forums; Hello fellow TrumpetMasters, Saw this on another site and wanted to post it here. Remember to never leave your horn ...
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    Stolen Monette in Oregon

    Hello fellow TrumpetMasters,

    Saw this on another site and wanted to post it here. Remember to never leave your horn alone. Unless you don't like it.
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    Re: Stolen Monette in Oregon

    Left handed Monette - should be pretty easy to identify if anyone ever tries to sell it - it's likely one of only a very few. I hope he gets it back but man, I don't ever leave my horns in my car if I can help it - that's just asking for a theft in any kind of metropolitan area.
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    Re: Stolen Monette in Oregon

    The horn is not even one of a few, it is totally unique: the 3rd valve is at an angle to accomodate Thara Memory's partial loss of his ring finger due to complications of diabetes. It was made exclusively for him by Dave Monette. Thara Memory taught Esperanza Spalding, among many others.

    Full Monette vid with Thara Memory here.
    [ame=]‪Thara Memory Interview 2008‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    Thara memory's web site here:
    Thara Memory: Musician, Educator, Composer and Artistic Director

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    Re: Stolen Monette in Oregon

    He got it back
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    Re: Stolen Monette in Oregon

    This is just a reminder that horns should be insured. Even though it would really stink to lose a horn to a thief, it does help to have the funds to get another one!
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    Re: Stolen Monette in Oregon

    +1 for insurance .... especially for a custom Monette.

    Good story .... glad it had a happy ending. It might have been that the $250 reward (and the fact that it was so unusual and would be hard to sell or pawn) was the thing that got it back. Insurance to back that plan up would have been a good idea, in case it hadn't worked. And next time, if it absolutely HAS to spend time alone in a car (it happens), throw a coat over it, or toss it in the trunk.

    The first trumpet lesson I ever had was from a Mexican jazz musician I met on holiday. He told me that the horn he was playing was his 12th. He's had 11 of them stolen in Mexico in his 16 years of playing ........ Can you imagine???

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    Re: Stolen Monette in Oregon

    If Thara's horn would have stayed "missing" (stolen)...I think there would be quite of few people MAD. Thara seems to be such a good person. This really goes to show how some people are complete....fill in the blank.

    I'm glad he got it back!

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