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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Stop brand/model shaming! in the General forums; Originally Posted by rowuk Who wants a State of the Art hybrid trumpet? Where do you put the mouthpiece...
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    Re: Stop brand/model shaming!

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    Who wants a State of the Art hybrid trumpet?
    Where do you put the mouthpiece
    Horn.. What horn? I play piano

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    Re: Stop brand/model shaming!

    Hybrid probably means a reed or something else more efficient than lips.

    Quote Originally Posted by JRgroove View Post
    Where do you put the mouthpiece
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Stop brand/model shaming!

    Knowledge is freedom, and ignorance is slavery - Miles Davis

    The difference between a beginner and pro mouthpiece is practice - tobylou8

    Nobody has learned how to play the trumpet. It's endless. - Maynard Ferguson

    Don't be afraid to try something different. The Ark was built by an amateur and the Titanic was built by a group of experienced engineers.

    By the inch it's a cinch, by the yard, it's hard!

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    Re: Stop brand/model shaming!


    In 1959 I started with a Buescher. In 1965 I went to a Selmer Mod K. In 1968 to a Benge 2X. In 1984 added a Yamaha Flugel. In 1988 added a 1969 Bach Strad 37. In 1990 a Jupiter slide trumpet. In 2008 added a Huttl and Conn/Willson Flugel. Through the years, I have played Holton, Getzen, Le Blanc, and King. Finally in 2010 I bought a 1929 Conn 22B.

    Now I have 28 Conn/Pan American/Cavalier/International Trumpets/Cornets/Flugels in my collection. I also still have the Benge. The Huttl will be sold soon, like all the others.

    Like people have different opinions about the makes, I have also. I have even changed my opinion over the years. In the 1960's and beyond, I did not like the Conn product. Now I am a collector of its instruments (1920-1969 mostly) and doing studies on the company.

    What I have found is each manufacturer and model has sound, design and utility characteristics combined with price that are pleasing to some. Some of the manufacturers or their models can become pleasing to many. Often it is based on what is the sound or usage trend of the day. Musicians playing in different styles from Rock, to Jazz, to Dixie, to Polka, to Big Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, Symphony or Solo work many expect different performance from their instrument. In combo's I even find different instruments or models mix better than others with different instruments types or models. I am sure there are many that disagree as they may play the same instrument for all performances.

    Having said that, I have noticed there are "quality" differences over the years and among the manufacturers. Alloys, hardening and plating are easily noticed and influence sound quality from a richness viewpoint. This can also influence the opinion of an instrument. For example I have 2 Chinese made pocket trumpets (omitted from above purposefully as they are just fun horns). They measure the same in all aspects. However, 1 is very tinny and can be annoying in the upper registers. Whereas the other plays pretty well and is relatively balanced along the scale. What is very noticeable is the poor version is made from a different alloy then the better one. For example, using the old flick test, the bell thunks on the poorer one, but the better one has a ring. Inspecting valves reveals a better plating on the better instrument.

    Basically, what I have learned is don't judge a manufacturer's or a country's product by one or a few instruments as instruments and times change. The "best" of yesterday may not be today and the "best" of today may not be tomorrow. Even what makes a "student" horn, a "student" horn changes over time or for that matter intermediate, step-up or professional.

    Those of us who have looked at the brand Conn and its products over its life can attest to this.
    Kurt Walter - AlpenBand California

    1921 - Conn 80A
    1937 - Conn 26A
    1956 - Conn 18A
    1958 - Conn 14A
    1931 - Pan American 46A
    1947 - Pan American 58A - Silver
    1949 - Pan American 58A - Brass
    1930's - Cavalier 90A - 2 Verisons
    1929 - Conn 22B w/rotor
    1929 - Conn 22B w/o rotor
    1926 - Conn 24B w/rotor
    1957 - Conn 14B
    1969 - Conn 60B
    1930's - Cavalier 94B "Peashooter" - 2 versions
    1970's - Conn 24A "Switzerland"

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