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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Storing instruments in the General forums; I don't know, maybe that would keep them in "tuna"...
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    Cool Re: Storing instruments

    I don't know, maybe that would keep them in "tuna"
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    Re: Storing instruments

    That too might be an attractive place for alligators?

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    Re: Storing instruments

    On one occasion I ran across a horn that had been in long time storage (years) with all slides and valves removed and all had apparently been cleaned before storage. It was in excellent condition. No oil or lubricant was apparent. Overkill??? or unnecessary??? effective???

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    Re: Storing instruments

    Be sure where ever you put it is dry. Moisture can rot out a horn fast.
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    Re: Storing instruments

    Wherever you remember where you placed them?

    I store my instruments in their hardshell cases on the floor in a closet. My assumption is that you don't want the cases (containing your brass instruments) to fall from any height and sustain damage. Besides, if a case hits you in the head it can hurt you and is darn well dangerous to your well being.

    As to the "Wherever you remember where you placed them?" Well, my memory is not what it used to be?

    Best wishes,

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