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Trumpet Discussion Discuss strength! in the General forums; Originally Posted by RobertSlotte I understand your point but I do not agree on one thing. Strong muscles do not ...
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    Re: strength!

    Quote Originally Posted by RobertSlotte View Post
    I understand your point but I do not agree on one thing. Strong muscles do not get slower, infact it is the opposit (yes, I am a bodybuilder, I have trained for many years and I have read tons about muscelfibers).
    Look at 100meter sprinters, they got BIG and strong muscles and they move them fast...VERY fast thats just one example. Im not going to go into details about maximising strength in benchpress by speed exercices)

    On the otherhand: Strong muscles gets shorter if not streched much...In our embouchure that would mean: stiffer and not so flexible Which ofcourse is a BAD thing for the embouchure.

    how to strech your embouchure would be cool to would be usefull for thoes who use strenght exercicing. I guess one could experiment trying different moves with the facemuscles and maby use the fingers to help...sounds a bit funny outting it that way but I think it could not hurt
    there are no possible motions that correlate a sprinter to a trumpet player. Power exercizes are like extreme weight lifting - does NOTHING for your speed.
    The only intelligent way to build chops is a balanced approach: slurs, long tones played softly and VERY often. The pencil trick can help tighten up the corners, providing somewhat more efficiency.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: strength!

    I agree with you on balance...slurs, longe tones played softly. Do not missunderstand me. The only thing I was pointing out was speed in muscle fibers. The abiliti for the muscle to contract increeses by extrem weightlifting (spriters do lift weights also).
    Not speed as in flexibility or qvick intervalls or fast playing.
    I do not think we have different oppinions I was just reakting to the "stroger muscle is slower".

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    Re: strength!

    Muscles are muscles, no matter what you think.
    I agree with Robert.
    Applying the same as to bodybuilding is great, but need some balance.
    You could be powerful as a Ferrari, but control is a must.
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