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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Strength in the General forums; Hi. Many of the exercises I incorporate into my practice routine list strength as something they help build. What exactly ...
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    Hi. Many of the exercises I incorporate into my practice routine list strength as something they help build. What exactly do they mean?

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    Re: Strength

    Endurance and persistence physically, to hold up and play through an entire 45 minute set without pain and feeling weak, feeble, and impotent.

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    Re: Strength

    Strength at whatever you're working on with that exercise I guess.

    Technical exercises build fingering and flexibility chops. Etudes build musical chops. Overall strength comes from overall smart playing -- that is, not wearing yourself out on any of the facets of practice/performance.

    As has been said in many threads, it's not physical strength of the chops that makes a good player, but toned and responsive ones. Strength, to me, means many things in trumpet playing but not necessarily physical.

    Edited to add: Yes and what Bachstul said. You at least need to have enough physical strength to get through a day's gig alright. But that should be a given if you are developing a smart playing habit by staying well rounded, putting in good time each day playing and not hurting yourself.
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    Re: Strength

    They usually mean chop strength i.e. your corners and breathing, abdominal strength.

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