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Trumpet Discussion Discuss This sucks!!! in the General forums; I'm having ass problems, i.e. abscess and recovering from fistula surgery. The doctor says I shouldn't play. Sometimes it does ...
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    This sucks!!!

    I'm having ass problems, i.e. abscess and recovering from fistula surgery. The doctor says I shouldn't play. Sometimes it does hurt. And I do overblow. But even the flute hurts lately. So I play the piano, guitar congas and bongos. BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME!!!! This has been going on for too long

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    Re: This sucks!!!

    Don't do anything stupid! I did and ended up having to lay off for 3 months!
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    Re: This sucks!!!

    Destroy your health and no one will hear you play. Take Rowuk's advice and stop until you have recovered.
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    Re: This sucks!!!

    This too shall pass. It started out with an abscessed tooth, then abdominal surgery. After that followed (in no particular order) 3 root canals, an extraction with accompanying bone graft--which failed and had to be redone. A second abdominal surgery, a GI system infection, cardiac and respiratory problems, then a TIA. Finally, Wednesday I get a bridge and 2 crowns, all to finish what started a bit over 18 months ago. In that time I've lost 130 pounds which destroyed my embouchure losing about a third off my upper range in the process. But I've continued to play when I could with 3 different bands, a symphony, and a little solo work. (This included two 6 week physician ordered layoffs, after the surgeries.) It can be tough, but you've just got to make up your mind you're going to make it through the rough patch. Follow your doctor's orders, play and practice as much as you can, and above all have fun.
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