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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Summer camp in the General forums; I have googled and searched but I am still trying to find "camp" experiences for adults suitable for "intermediate" level ...
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    Summer camp

    I have googled and searched but I am still trying to find "camp" experiences for adults suitable for "intermediate" level players. Does anyone have any advice to guide my searching? I am located in Vancouver, Canada but fairly mobile, looking for the chance to attend an intensive program. (I have located a good local program at Trinity Western University in the area but my schedule prevents me attending.) Given that my working life is really not music related, it would be great to meet and hang out with like minded folks.

    Thanks for any help given.


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    Re: Summer camp

    Kent, you may wish to consider the International Music Camp at the International Peace Gardens on the border of Manitoba and North Dakota. You can find out more here Welcome to the International Music Camp

    1. it is dirt cheap for the community band session (July 28 – July 31, 2007), now $175US for room, meals and sessions!!

    2. last year the intermediate band was about 95+ members, the advanced 60+ and the brass band 40+. All adults who just want to play their instrument and have fun!

    3. if you are interested you can play in multiple groups like Adv/Int and Brass or choir?

    4. a fantastic location, great music and damn good fun!

    Hope to see you there!

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    Re: Summer camp


    Sorry should have read "for adults" my mistake.

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    Re: Summer camp

    Kent -
    Check out Midsummer Musical Retreat. You will find many like-minded people, such as my good friend Doug who is an intermediate horn player who has attended the past few years. People return year after year because it's a very positive, engaging experience.

    I have served on staff in past years, and can tell you the focus is on improving one's playing, helping others, putting on a good concert, and having fun. Bill Berry, the trumpet instructor, has a lot to offer. I'll wager you'll find it to be rewarding, and it's less than a full day's drive from your home.
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    Re: Summer camp

    I attended the Jazz Pt. Townsend camp in Pt. Townsend WA last summer and will never miss it again. The faculty is amazing, the location is beautiful, and the vibe is just fantastic. John Clayton is the Artistic Director of the workshop and festival that follows, and his imprint is all over the camp. He's the most supportive person in the world.

    I highly recommend it. Plus, trumpet faculty includes Terell Stafford, Ingird Jensen, Jay Thomas, and Roy Hargrove is scheduled to play the festival.
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    Re: Summer camp

    Thanks for the great info guys! Each of these experiences look to be great and I'll be sharing them with a number of friends.


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