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Trumpet Discussion Discuss summer programs in the General forums; I'm trying to decide what to do this summer. i'm signed up to do a program called American Music Abroad, ...
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    summer programs

    I'm trying to decide what to do this summer. i'm signed up to do a program called American Music Abroad, which is an honors band that will travel and perform across europe. however, since it is the summer before my senior high school year, it's really my last chance for a big trumpet and musical growth spurt before college auditions (i think i'm going to major in music education). i live on long island in new york and would really rather not have to travel terribly far. last summer i did the Crane Youth Music at Potsdam University which i loved. I'm looking at Tanglewood and NYSSSA for this summer. any other suggestions? anything specifically brass oriented?


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    Re: summer programs


    I grew up in upstate New York. The summer before my senior year of high school I audition for Saratoga and sent tapes to Tanglewood and Interlochen. I got into Saratoga and Interlochen, but my Tanglewood tape got lost It was a tough call, but I decided to go to Interlochen. It turned out to be the best choice I've ever made in my life. I got to hear great music from the students and world class staff, as well as visiting artists (I will never forget hearing Tchaik 5 with the Detroit Symphony in Kresge Auditorium).
    I practiced my butt off at Interlochen and credit the success I had at my college auditions to that summer. I played in the Symphonic Band and had the time of my life, playing under conductors from around the country every week. There is also a Sunday morning brass choir (for those who get up early) that students and faculty sit side by side in.

    I ended up going to Saratoga the next year. I'll admit my bias because of the incredible experience I had at Interlochen, but I just found that it didn't measure up. The nice thing about Saratoga is getting to hear the Philadelphia Orchestra on a regular basis, but the level of student music making wasn't near what it was at Interlochen.

    I was never a student at Tanglewood, but I've heard good things about the BUTI program. At one point Frank Battisti was in charge of the Wind Ensemble there. He's a great conductor and does some great programming, so I'm sure you'd have a blast. You'll also get to hear the Boston Symphony on a regular basis. I'd definitely give that one a shot.


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