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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Summer Trumpet Routine in the General forums; So most of us are getting ready for some vacation time. Most of us have been playing consistently since September ...
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    Summer Trumpet Routine

    So most of us are getting ready for some vacation time. Most of us have been playing consistently since September last year and could use a break.

    My playing season ends in 4 weeks and then I have 3 weeks with no gigs.
    I am going to concentrate on my natural trumpet during that time - especially articulation.

    What are you all looking at doing for the next 8 weeks?
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    Re: Summer Trumpet Routine

    I will be concentrating on improving my 4th and 5th transpositions as related to my newly aquired Eb horn.

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    Re: Summer Trumpet Routine

    I am reviewing and reworking the Arban Characteristic studies
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    Re: Summer Trumpet Routine

    I'm gearing up for a lecture-recital in two weeks. After that I'm going to spend some time relaxing by playing along by ear with a couple CDs, "Unforgettably Doc" and "Lullabies and Goodnight," (also by Doc).

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    Re: Summer Trumpet Routine

    I'm going to the beach for a week, not taking a horn, mouthpiece, or anything else trumpet-related. I have a few light gigs this Summer, like a few park concerts, a church concert or two, and an out of town patriotic concert on the 4th of July. I'll just do some maintenance-type practicing most of the Summer, and will be working on developing the use of a true period mouthpiece on my 1870's cornet. I'll probably be practicing and playing some sort of cornet most of the Summer...the trumpets will get a break.
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    Re: Summer Trumpet Routine

    Summer routine? hah, I wish I had time to get in a good routine.

    I am doing anywhere from 3 to 6 hours a day playing principal...ouch! I am playing in the Academy (Conducting) Orchestra out here in Aspen for about 8 more weeks, and we just play tons of rep. Great education for me, but it is a lot of chop busting work. Get to read Mahler 4 next week though

    I still try to get all of my fundamentals in throughout the day, but might have to start waking up really early to get a good routine in.

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    Re: Summer Trumpet Routine

    On rowuks advice, its back to basics. Playin gigs and workin on it.

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