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Trumpet Discussion Discuss swab or soak? in the General forums; Originally Posted by tobylou8 And/or a Blitz valve & slide cloth. I'll try to get my hands on one of ...
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    Re: swab or soak?

    Quote Originally Posted by tobylou8 View Post
    And/or a Blitz valve & slide cloth.
    I'll try to get my hands on one of those soon!
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    Re: swab or soak?

    So how often should one bath? (the horn that is )
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    Re: swab or soak?

    Like yourself (when you stink!).
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    Re: swab or soak?

    +1 to the above. Bob's paper is really good.

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    Re: swab or soak?

    Maybe we're all talked out on this one, but here's my humble two cents. I usually use a bit of Dawn and warm water and find it works well as described above. Discovered the Brass Saver brushes last year. They are absolutely the best thing to happen to interior trumpet care. For the valves I put a little of the detergent and water in three (one for each valve) of those clear plastic cups. I fill the water level just to top of the piston itself and not up into the springs, corks, felts, and etc. That way those parts above the piston remain dry. I used Simple Green on a Conn V1 last year and probably got too much in solution with the water because it dulled the finish somewhat. Last time for that experiment.

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    Re: swab or soak?

    I swab mine with a t-shirt patch pulled through the tubing with fishing line in both directions until she's as clean as my rifle bore.
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