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The alloy used for bending brass is propietary. The alloy melts at below 100 C. The alloy is melted in a hot water bath or hot plate and poured in the pipe. After bending the brass is placed in a hot water bath and it turns to liquid and drops to the bottom of the vat. The alloy is recycled for the next job.

I learned this on a tour of the Getzen factory about 37 years ago.

While I agree that at that time Getzen used the proprietary material, some factories do use lead.

You didn't happen to attend Western Iowa Tech's Band Instrument Repair class, did you? I was there about that same time (1975-1976) and we toured Getzen and Leblanc and Holton and the brand new (at that time) Martin plant. It was wonderful watching them work at the Getzen plant and then to see the Holton plant and watch them spinning the Farkas French Horn bells -- truly an eye-opening experience!