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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Switch From Trumpet in the General forums; Playing baritone or any other instrument doesn't have to mean the total loss of your trumpet-playing ability. Back in my ...
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    Re: Switch From Trumpet

    Playing baritone or any other instrument doesn't have to mean the total loss of your trumpet-playing ability. Back in my school days, we had a lot of trumpet players, but occasionally found ourselves temporarily short in other sections. With three of us about equally capable of covering first chair, it was no big deal for one or even two of us to move to baritone or Sousaphone for a while, then move back to trumpet. I did it quite a bit, and enjoyed the time in the low brass. For a while, I even played Sousaphone exclusively in one band while playing trumpet in my regular school band. Enjoy it.
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    Re: Switch From Trumpet

    When I started doubling on trombone it was a little hard to switch back and forth at first. In a very short time I adapted and had no problems. I found that it actually helped my trumpet playing. There is no reason you can't do both. Do what's good for yourself. You can't go wrong.
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    Re: Switch From Trumpet

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    Re: Switch From Trumpet

    I play trumpet but I also play baritone when we have a song that features baritones. It wasn't hard to learn them both. I play baritone on treble clef and I have my music written in treble clef. I am considering to learn bass clef on both trumpet and baritone. The mouthpeice sizes don't mess your lips up like someone said. If you like the baritone more then switch. Later you can start on the trumpet.
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