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I think it is ok as long as you know that they will both play different. I use a TR200 for marching band because I don't want to take any chances with either of my goldplated strads (I would be heartbroken if one was dropped, like another players was last year.). However the TR200 is much stuffier and I have to really think about being relaxed and blowing through or it screws up my blowing. If I really feel the stuffiness and sit on it and try to compensate (which I sometimes do, in order to get higher notes out especially), then it take me a couple of days to get my blowing and chops back in order and that is not a good thing, especially if you have a gig the next day. Yeah it's ok but be smart about it.
Have you had your valve alignment checked? Misaligned valves will make a horn play stuffy in a heartbeat. When did you last clean it? Are your waterkey corks seating properly? A good student horn will have more resistance that a pro horn but it shouldn't be stuffy.