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The mouthpiece is secondary. Bad playing habits could be influenced by an extreme mismatch(1X for a lead player), but even only minimal common sense can prevent that. My students can play their lessons on my Monette B2D, the 7C that came with their horns or any of the other pieces in my collection. Doing that on occasion shows them how important sticking with something until you get decent is. Changing mouthpieces only makes sense IF you have the strong, stable base that only lots of practice gives.
This comment laser focuses the point behind this thread and states it in the best way possible. The original question on this thread was: Is it bad to constantly switch mouthpieces? What rowuk as so well stated that FIRST the player MUST work to develop a "strong, stable base". The embouchure should first be well established. Once this base is achieved, then is it possible to switch around, not because you are fickle, but because the equipment you select and use best demands it.