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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Swollen Lips in the General forums; Anyone have a good way to reduce lip swelling after a ridiculously long gig and have to do it the ...
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    Swollen Lips

    Anyone have a good way to reduce lip swelling after a ridiculously long gig and have to do it the very next night?

    Eric Sproul
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    Re: Swollen Lips

    cold water during the gig and warm herbal tea afterwards. Black tea has tannic acid in it and that makes my lips less supple.
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    Re: Swollen Lips

    i have known people that use preparation H, and some who take an IB profin/advil
    Drake F. Peterson

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    Re: Swollen Lips

    I drink plenty of ice water during the job and take an aspirin before, after the job I use ChopSaver. I am a dreaded pressure player and need all the help I can get and this works for me. Dave
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    Re: Swollen Lips

    Ice, time and exercise. It's like having a leg or sprained finger. Usually if you practice/play at least 30 minutes a day (correctly) you can avoid swollen lips and chronic, or permanent lip damage. Unfortunately playing 30 minutes a day means for the rest of your Trumpet career. The positive is you don't have to fill a practice calendar.


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    Re: Swollen Lips

    Re: Swollen Lips

    I agree with Brassmojo. Through the years I gradually changed my practice routine. With kids, work and rest, I find myself not being able to put in big blocks of time each day. A few years back, I changed to three 15 to 20 minute a day sessions of smart as practice. Be consistant. Obviously, the more demanding a playing schedule you have, the more types of material you will need to practice. Basics, warm-ups and warm downs are essential.
    I only have to cover about 2 hours of church work a week. Although the parts are demanding at times, the practice schedule I have works for me.
    Take time to find what works for you. Remember, quick fixes on this issue can only damage and make the problem worst. As we age, sometimes adjustments in pressure, concentration on new areas of producing sound and other issues can be good. I would advise seeking a good teacher who has themselves produced a good career.
    Best of luck to you.


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