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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Talk with Allen Vizzutti!! in the General forums; Hey all you Allen Vizzutti fans out there, I wanted to let you know that Allen has recently added a ...
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    Talk with Allen Vizzutti!!

    Hey all you Allen Vizzutti fans out there, I wanted to let you know that Allen has recently added a new feature to his website that allows you to talk directly to him and ask questions. If you go to his home page at Allen Vizzutti Official Website then click on the media tab at the top and select Discussion that will take you to his forum where you can sign up and ask questions. This is an awesome way to talk one on one with one of the greatest trumpet players that has ever played. Enjoy!! He has a new CD out too called "Ritzville" which is worth checking out as well.

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    Re: Talk with Allen Vizzutti!!

    Nice idea, but I have seen pther pros do this before, and they ended up pulling the discussion forum off. Too many young kids expect an immediate response, and get really rude if they have to wait a week for a response. They do not understand that the working Pro is not sitting in front of his computer all day looking after their fans.

    It is a sign of the genuine kindness, generousity of Mr Vizzutti who wishes to help others, but sadly there are too many rat-bags out there that will surely see this fail.

    Good luck goes to him, but there is no filter for Ratbags.

    Thanks for the link to his website.

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    Re: Talk with Allen Vizzutti!!

    I'll check the "discussion" feature out sometime. Should be fun!!
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