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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Taps in the General forums; I've always used 1&3 when sounding TAPS, anyone one else use this version?...........Buck...
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    Cool Re: Taps

    I've always used 1&3 when sounding TAPS, anyone one else use this version?...........Buck
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    Re: Taps

    Yes it is a myth, it is still something that if you reflect on the message (and the lyrics) you realize that it isn't the tune, the key or what you wear, it is the spirit of paying honors to those that deserve it. Add a REAL person instead of canned entertainment and THAT brings the experience to its logical fulness.
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    Re: Taps

    HI, guys!

    Thanx for the discussion! As for the straight eighth vs. dotted eighth/sixteenth thing, I find that if I forget about it, my natural inclination is to do the dotted eighth thing. If that's considered correct, at least for the Marines, I won't worry about it too much. Whatever I do on the "call" my wife will do on the "response", she's that good a musician.

    I hope that we will be given instructions at the site as to where they'd like us to stand, and when to play (Presumabably after the three rifle volleys).

    I'd hoped to do it on my WWI vintage trench bugle (which I've used for this elsewhere) but it's about 3/4 step high in pitch, so too difficult to match with the echo, so trumpet it will be, I guess!

    Thanx guys!


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    Re: Taps

    After the three volleys you'll hear the command "PRESENT ARMS". You play after that.
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    Re: Taps

    Quote Originally Posted by flugelgirl View Post
    After the three volleys you'll hear the command "PRESENT ARMS". You play after that.
    IF, IF, and IF a full DOD type detachment is present will you hear commands. More than 75% of the times I've played TAPS such just wasn't so. Yesterday, they buried an ex-Marine here in our local cemetery and yes, they had such a detachment from the Marine Corp League and a fine live bugler ... but no riflemen ( Town ordinance bans discharge of a firearm within town limits ). The call was "Bugler, Sound TAPS". Indeed, he sounded TAPS on a Kanstul Bb bugle. The grave was about 2/3 rds (approx 150 yards) away from ours and the bugler was standing on the side road near our family graves. The deceased was the husband of my wife's 1st cousin. I attended with ride from her brother.

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    Re: Taps

    There are several versions of military funerals. Most follow similar procedures, however, if there is a three man detail, two will fold the flag, and the third plays taps. There are also differences between a full body burial and cremation burials.

    As a bugler for Bugles Across America, I have been performing Taps almost on a weekly basis for the past couple of months. I merely follow the instructions of the detail commander, and play as instructed.

    Last week, I played for a WWII Army Air Corps veteran, who flew in the same air group as the Tuskeegee (sp) Airmen. As I told his son, I have found that all veterans have a story, some funny, some sad, some somber. I am proud to say that I play a part of their story, abeit, at the end.

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