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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Tell me your happy stories...quick before I hurl! in the General forums; hello all! Crazy weekend...played big band gigs with Bill Watrous on Friday and Dave Leibman on Saturday, how's that for ...
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    Tell me your happy stories...quick before I hurl!

    hello all!
    Crazy weekend...played big band gigs with Bill Watrous on Friday and Dave Leibman on Saturday, how's that for different! Played Tuesday with my quintet and Wen, with a nonet. Anway... was reading some of the posts on another site that were pretty nasty in tone, and thought of how nice it would be to hear some great and POSITIVE stories about music, life, ladies! ... dudes if you ARE a lady...and life in general. Dawned on me while soloing on Joshua with Leibman, what an incredible gift it is to do this. I started to care less about what mouthpiece I was using, and whether or not Wynton Marsalis is ruining jazz, and whether or not the Boston Symphony audition was fixed from the start. I just cared about having fun playing music and HOW COOL it was to stand next to a guy that played with Miles Davis... I am looking to re-charge my batteries this week with several important performances coming this weekend. Wanting to hear what makes you all stoked, and why you think this is all the greatest gift ever.
    Very happily yours

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    Re: Tell me your happy stories...quick before I hurl!

    Quote Originally Posted by beartrumpet74
    hello all!
    Crazy weekend...played big band gigs with Bill Watrous on Friday and Dave Leibman on Saturday, how's that for different!
    WOW!!!, I'm sorry, I meant to say WOW!!! Or should that have been WOW!!!

    I can tell you wonderful stories about being married to the best woman in the world, or just being happy to be alive after a heart attack and cancer, but I keep thinking about your post and all I can think of saying is WOW!!!

    Dude – I just looked at your website –

    You played with the John Labarbera Big Band, and then your college jazz lab played with Bill Watrous, and David Liebman You want to get stoked – write a diary about your musical life during the month of February, 2006. Someday you will look back and realize you have had an amazing month!
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    thanks gig dude... have played with some heavies in the "real" world but these ones were with my college big band.... still... your right it was cool! Leib was a blast! and Watrous told some stories that are unrepeatable in a public forum...but still a blast...
    I think I'm headed for married life myself soon... that's very very cool man!
    I'm already feeling the batteries charge up... let's keep this post going !

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    I sat in with a band the other night. Two funny things.

    The base player was drunk, I think. He sure looked it. Tie on crooked and sticking out in the back and his collar was sticking up and out. He looked a little like Red Skeleton. (I think I have that name right) He was also a sub.

    The lead player had a high part and pulled out a piccolo trumpet. I have never seen that on a big band job before. He hit the notes but it didn't cut very well.

    All in all it was a good job and the band played well. I had a good time.

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    aren't all bass players drunk? LOL!
    great story....

    oh and Dave, I'll tell Mike hello this morning at school. Saw his son the other day, whom I haven't seen for a couple of kids grow up fast... He was as tall as I am and I'm like 6'1"

    I am stoked to have the chance to do the things I do... I think this week I got a little frustrated by some of the "kids" at school who complained a lot, didn't have thier music practiced, and are perpetually late. You would have to rip off one of my legs to make me late to a rehearsal with Bill Watrous or Dave Liebman. One of these jokers was late to a rehearsal the other week for a gig I played with the John LaBarbera Big Band! Can you imagine that? Man!!!! Joe LaBarbera was on drums, His bother PAt on Tenor sax, and to top it off Bill Cunliffe was on Piano that night. That's not to mention the horn players.... My buddy Lorenzo Trujillo was playing lead... He flew in from LA... Kicked everyones @$$% He's the next great LA lead player.....
    Anyway...I rant....
    Keep the funny stories coming though... considering all the rotten posts I've read on the other web site...
    Peace and happy Monday...YEAH RIGHT !

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    Mike Williams, the Basie lead player, has a real nasty habit. Especially if the club owner is a jerk. Mike will warm up playing C scales and never quite hit the high C. He will clam it or reach for it a couple times without hitting it and just sound awful.

    BTW, Mike plays doubles C's and above effortlessly. Just his way of stroking the foolish.

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    Friday night gig

    I played a quintet gig for a school concert friday night (jazz quintet with one hron - ME!). It was for a high school in the western suburbs. The audience was mostly kids (jr, high and high) and thier folks. They had been thee all day by the time we hit the stage.

    There were several things that were really nice.

    First, the audience was obviously not real used to jazz, but they were sweet and just loved it! They were wonderful. It was a thrill to get a chance to share with them.

    Second is a list of things that were NOT there. There were no dizzy brides or pushy grooms. There were no drunken parents of the diizzy brides and pushy grooms. There were no self-important bridal consultants. There were no club managers who see it as their lot in life to make the lives of musicians a living hell. There were no parking hassles.

    Finally what was really, REALLY nice was getting to do our job with an air of dignity and respect. We had fun and that was communicated to our audience.

    Like you, Beartrumpet, I see a reason in doing all of this on gigs like this. Sometimes it is easy to lose site of why were are playing.

    I like it here at TM! By and large, it is a most collegial and friendly place for trumpeters to share with one another!

    We're all in this together!

    I hope this helps.



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