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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Thankful... in the General forums; I'm thankful for the the gift of coordination. I'm thankful I am not tone deaf. I'm thankful to be able ...
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    I'm thankful for the the gift of coordination. I'm thankful I am not tone deaf. I'm thankful to be able to play the trumpet, and for as many years as I have. I'm thankful for every good note, and every missed note. For every short sticcato note and every long tone. I'm thankful to live in the moment on a horn I never thought I'd be able to have. All of this is very spiritual to me. Last but not least I'm thankful for this community, where life experiences, ideas and thoughts are exchanged with love and respect.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Re: Thankful...

    Happy Thanks giving too there in the US
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    Re: Thankful...

    I concur ---- I'm thankful for being able to play ---- but even being "half death", I still recognize the feel, and the air stream, when everything is going well ---- the notes when they are fresh and clean reverberate in my mind ---- and the sound is still refreshing.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving ------ and thankful for all of you in which I have gleaned enough information, to put into practice --- to become a better trumpet player than I ever have been before
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