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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Time Off From Trumpet in the General forums; I like the adage about working out: for every day you take off you fall behind a day. So 2 ...
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    Re: Time Off From Trumpet

    I like the adage about working out: for every day you take off you fall behind a day. So 2 weeks off = 2 weeks of practice to recover the same place you were before the time off. In my case two giant times off are measured in decades. But now that I'm retired, and 6 years recovered, I am practicing more consistently than I did when I was a teenager. And I can tell it is helping. But, I doubt I will ever be as good as I think I was back in the day.

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    Re: Time Off From Trumpet

    I frequently go several days without touching a horn. I'd be better if I practiced every day, but I'm certainly not dying as a player.
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    Re: Time Off From Trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by bamajazzlady View Post
    How true or false is it when people say any time off from trumpet is the death of a trumpet player?
    To pharaphrase Bill Clinton, "It all depends on, when you say 'death', what you mean by death".

    Long term? There are answers above which I think are good.

    Short term, when I was actively playing i.e. rehearsal or gigs 5-6 days a week for months at a time, I could lay off for a day with no consequences. Two days and I could feel it. Three days and it would take me about another 2-3 days to get back to where I left off.

    I was never a player who could leave the horn in the case for days on end and then take it out of the case and start right back where I stopped; one reason I switched to woodwinds. But when I was in university, I knew several very good players who basically took the entire summer school breaks off from playing and when they came back, within a week or so they were right back where they stopped - which was at a solid level. Although I wouldn't recommend it, I think this is individual to some extent.
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    Re: Time Off From Trumpet

    Obviously, it's best not to have the big breaks, but as for "death", please...You're never too old to rock & roll if you're too young to die. Coming back after a layoff isn't fun, but it's not impossible. You just have to remember that you can't do everything right away that you used to "back in the day". If you are not fortunate enough to be a pro and devote your life to trumpet playing, some time off is going to be almost inevitable as life has a horrible habit of getting in the way (stupid day job!). Just like any other physical activity start slow and build up and don't try to do it all in a day.

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    Re: Time Off From Trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Lee View Post
    My wife hasn't buried me yet, and I'm not yet selling my brass instruments. First lapse was about 45 years, second lapse about a year following heart and dental issues, and now I'm nearing a month involving hearing issues which is becoming critical if I don't recover my hearing by September when I've planned to resume tutoring. Third appointment with Otolaryngologist tomorrow morning.
    The foregoing was yesterday, and the consequence today is GREAT better even than it has been and no need for hearing aid. Problem was impacted ear wax as has now been totally removed. So ends three weeks of not practicng and I've a lot to catch up on.
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    Re: Time Off From Trumpet

    Depends on a lot of things, I guess. I play as close to every day as I can get because I love to play the horn. If life forces me to miss a few days my playing suffers. If I made my living with the horn, or if folks were counting on me to hold up my end of a band, I'd feel more compelled to practice with more of a "work-like" attitude!

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    Re: Time Off From Trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by jiarby View Post
    I took 19 years off.... uh oh.

    Quote Originally Posted by bamajazzlady View Post
    How true or false is it when people say any time off from trumpet is the death of a trumpet player?
    IMHO, that's totally false. Of course you'll lose something after taking a break. The analogy to "working out" sounds pretty darn close, but I also consider horn playing similar to riding a bike. Sure you're not going to bunny-hop logs and boulders after a 15 year break right away, but you can still pedal and brake whilst balancing yourself! I took a 30+ year break, and just started playing again this past June. Now I'm not going to say I sound like a professional, because I surely don't. And I only play about 10-15 hours a week, since I have a full-time practice and raise my twins as a single dad (and cook, clean, shop, and did I say clean?). Honestly, I can't play a single song start to finish without at least a tiny squeak or missed note (probably because I don't practice enough). This goes for "Fur Elise" to "Star Wars" to even "Twinkle twinkle... ." But I do play okay, and I'm not complaining after a couple months back on a horn. As for chops, I just took the chromatic scale up to E above the staff. If I can do it, anyone can! I think it's like anything in life: If you want something bad enough & give it the proper effort, you'll be good to go notwithstanding any time off.

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