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Trumpet Discussion Discuss tiny bubbles in the General forums; There isn't much of anything else that it could be. If the manufacturers would use gold brass for leadpipes there ...
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    Re: tiny bubbles

    There isn't much of anything else that it could be. If the manufacturers would use gold brass for leadpipes there would be no rot issues. If it bothers you, you need a new leadpipe. If not 10 years or more could be left on the horn before you have serious holes.
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    Re: tiny bubbles

    Quote Originally Posted by stricd View Post
    Why am I getting tiny bubbles in the silver plating of my lead pipe? The horn is a 30 year old Getzen cornet that is otherwise flawless, and hasn't been used much. Bubbles are 1-2 mm in size and have been slowly multiplying over the last 4 or 5 years

    You may have several more years of playing, but the bubbles will persist and probably worsen. However, if you really like your Getzen cornet a leadpipe replacement is possible. Now is the time to look at the options for replacement by consulting with those recommended here who do quality leadpipe replacement and silverplate restoration.

    Whether you wait for it to get worse, decide to replace the leadpipe or buy another horn is a decision you will have to make eventually. If you really like your Getzen cornet the repair would probably be worth it to you. If you tried to trade or sell it, the red rot would have to be addressed anyway and it would likely affect the value downward.

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    Re: tiny bubbles

    Thanks to all - guess I'll be looking into a new lead pipe, as it is a great horn and the bubbling (and its significance) does bug me.

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    Re: tiny bubbles

    Hello guys, yesterday got a trumpet YTR 9335VS, and looking closely I realized that he has two spots and a few small bubbles of approximately 1 mm, does anyone have experience of how I can remove these bubbles?

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    Re: tiny bubbles

    Get the horn replated.

    That isn't red rot. It is the plating not being properly bonded.
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