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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Tips for handling auditions in the General forums; At the risk of getting BBQ-ed, knowing how to handle a mistake or clam is also very important. This past ...
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    Re: Tips for handling auditions

    At the risk of getting BBQ-ed, knowing how to handle a mistake or clam is also very important. This past Chirstmas I attended the Airmen of Note concert. It was a fabulous performance. I don't even remember the name of first piece, but it started with some high work by the lead guy -very exposed. There were a couple of craked notes. Instead of the other guys turning and looking at him, they remained forcused, eyes front as if nothing had happened. The lead guy also acted as if nothing had happened. (by the way-lead player was excellent and "right on" for the rest of the concert).

    Perhaps the best example to learn from is Maynard. (No BBQ, please). While an excellent player until his death, it was obvious that his skills were not as strong at the end of his life as they were in the 40-80s. Having attended his concert whenever possible from when he came to the states from England, there were nights when he played very well and others when the "key" notes just didn't come. He always handled it with a smile. We can all learn a lot from him.
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    Re: Tips for handling auditions

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    Congratulations on your performance, and thanks for giving us this feedback. As for the perfectionism thing, don't change that one, that will always keep you working harder to do better. There is nothing wrong with that. Thanks again for your feedback, I truly appreciate to review the follow up of the advice we give here.
    No problem

    I will have more feedback in a few weeks, when the auditions are.

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    Re: Tips for handling auditions

    I had an audition in December for SWIBA (south west Iowa band association) honor band and I was extremely nervous. Everyone was telling me I was going to do great and i knew that, but I just kept thinking of the worst. What I did, which is pretty much the same thing every one else said, was I went in there very determined with a smile on my face while trying to fill myself up with confidence and just played. My teacher had told me to just play it, that I have been working on it for a while and didn't need to worry about it. Also what I did before I went into the room, I yawned and tried to make myself believe that it wasn't very important and that it was just another day practicing. It all worked out and I received first chair and am now going on to state on the 12th.

    Although it won't help you now, a professional in my brass band at church told me that he goes and auditions to everything in town to try and make himself used to that kind of pressure. He does it to even the ones he doesn't really want.

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    Re: Tips for handling auditions

    To add to everything else that has been said, I will just state what works for ME:

    1)What Darten said. Maybe not only in "public" places, but in "private" settings where friends and family are around, too. Just do a wide variety of performances and mock auditions.

    2)You may want to practice standing up as well as sitting. Otherwise if you suddenly have to play something standing up it may catch you by surprise, and you find you aren't used to that posture.

    3)When you walk in to audition, request to play a few warm-up notes, playing them as musically as possible, and as good of sound as possible. Also, pay special attention to your breathing, making sure it is normal. This can help you keep more of your "foundation" in your audition.

    And, yeah, like everyone is saying, just force yourself to be confident. Maybe if come in a little puffed up, confident that you're going to beat everyone else. =P (but then obviously humble yourself again immediately after so that attitude doesn't blow up in your face later!)

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    Re: Tips for handling auditions

    Just don't go in expecting it to be your best run through ever. Most likely it won't be. But if you consistently perform at the same level at practice then that consistency will leak into your audition you want to be aware while you are auto piloting if that makes sense.
    Just go and be a trumpet be flash you are auditioning show them how good you are.
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