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I never did them until recently when I experimented with them a bit. I found they resulted in some initial strenthening but also resulted in some inflexibility. My theory is that long tones get you good at playing that long tone. I tend to favor more of the Claude Gordon Systematic Approach type program.
It's interesting -- because I am a big proponent in long tones. But aside from that I can not totally conclude that they work --- because, I also use a lot of tonguing the scales, lots of arpeggios, and also a lot of "octave" leaps --- and intervals (ie. starting at a 3rd space C, and going C to D, C to E, C to F...... up to wherever it sounds ok that night --- and then back down) --- that is the type of thing I use for felexibility - and adding variable intervals in that mix also. So the combination of whatever I do --- seem to be working -------- YET, I still believe long tones help out with breathing, and sound, and endurance -----IMHO