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Trumpet Discussion Discuss TM Recordings in the General forums; Yes, a few church cd's. Also a few novelty songs, I produced mainly for R&B locally. Just plain fun....
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    Re: TM Recordings

    Yes, a few church cd's. Also a few novelty songs, I produced mainly for R&B locally. Just plain fun.

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    Re: TM Recordings

    you can go through my agent (gmonady aka GM) here on TM -- -he has the only "known" CD's out there ----- well at least the only CD's in the hands of anyone on TM (the rest of my CD's are in the hands of NON-trumpet players -- and they all love me) --------- I don't know what he is charging, but it is probably too much ---- since I give CD's away.
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    Re: TM Recordings

    Where can your CDs be purchased if you have them?

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    Re: TM Recordings

    I have one out with my Quintet. Give it a look at Eddie Brookshire Quintet

    If you go to the home page, you can hear one of the songs in it's entirity... Surrendered Life, written by our leader, Eddie Brookshire.
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    Re: TM Recordings

    Me too am on Vinyl with a jazz group and on CD with a soul group.Some 20 years older than
    the rest of the group.
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    Re: TM Recordings

    I have three discs out and my fourth is due to be released in a month or so.
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    Re: TM Recordings

    I'm on one as a sideman. You can find it on iTunes and Amazon here.
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    Re: TM Recordings

    I have a CD. This is the description of the CD at CD Universe. I'm going to try and post the link.

    As a rising North Carolina composer of unique, inspired originals, Alex Hatcher has lead F.O.G. further onto the music scene of Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill with the release of F.O.G.s eclectic second album "Diamond Dust." Backed by F.O.G.'s original bass player Bob Holcomb and a fine cast of local musicians featuring Ralph DeMasi, Stan Jones and Chuck Cox, Alex and the band are on top of their game, bringing to life 10 awesome new tunes in the growing genre of retro-influenced Rock and Roll.

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    Re: TM Recordings

    My newly released CD as a featured artist is called "Chinese Whispers 細語" and features music from and inspired by Hong Kong and China. You can find it at Adrian Kelly | Chinese Whispers (

    I have a CD where I am the featured composer: "Intercontinental Drift". It was made to showcase a certain trumpet maker's horns and features some crazy trumpet playing from Nick Drozdoff, Tony Gambaro, Russ Johnson, and Garret Savluk. It is still available from Intercontinental Drift Slow Release

    My group "The Collective" recorded an album with the incredible jazz composer Graham Collier - this is large ensemble improvisation directed by the composer. I'm so honored to have been able to work with this jazz master. Available from Bread And Circuses: Graham Collier: Music

    I'm also on quite a number of albums as a sideman, with releases from China, Hong Kong, Australia, the Maldives - mainly pop stuff, but there are a few big band albums also, including:
    Hip Mo' Toast - "Mischievous Girl" available from Hip Mo' Toast Big Band | Mischievous Girl | CD Baby
    One For All Big Band - "A Better Way" available from One For All Big Band :: CD Order


    - Adrian
    Adrian Kelly
    t/wb: @AdrianTpt
    fb: Adrian Kelly

    Adrian is an endorsing artist for the Conn-Selmer company, and performs on Vincent Bach instruments. Adrian performs on mouthpieces by Stork Custom.

    Adrian's latest CD "Chinese Whispers 細語" is available now from

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    Re: TM Recordings

    Here is the current project I am involved with.

    PacificMamboOrquestaKickstarterfinalpromo! - YouTube

    Remember this is supposed to be fun.

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