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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Today... in the General forums; ...what have you guys been working on today? I have not practiced so much today, just my daily routine and ...
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    ...what have you guys been working on today?

    I have not practiced so much today, just my daily routine and a couple of etudes, double tonguing a few minutes and last a little jazz improv.

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    Cool Re: Today...

    Trimming the lawn and picking up car parts so I get my vehicles back on the road
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    Re: Today...

    Daily routine, then … 1 hour Bb blues !
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    Re: Today...

    A couple of jazz etudes and updated my website...
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    Re: Today...

    long tones!!! rest !! long tones!!! -- scales, tonguing, rest -- long tones!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Today...

    1st trumpet part in Schostakovich 1. Symphony. I have 2 concerts with it next week.
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    Re: Today...

    Stamp long tones, lip bending (Low C-B-Bb-A-Ab-G, all open) and stamp half tone lip bending...

    Then some flexibility stuff, clarke #2...

    And Clifford Brown "Joy Spring" (just the head for now, and a couple of Erik's Clifford Brown Pentatonic Scale licks.

    I have a 2-1/2 hr community summer big band rehersal tonight, just sightreading practice.

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    Re: Today...

    After starting the day at 7:30 am with an Education meeting at the Dayton Children's Medical Center and ending the day with a 2 hour Faculty Curriculum Committee at the medical school, I returned home to take my 3 dogs to the dog park, ate a dinner cooked by my wife that had an even longer day at work curing mental illness; after which I worked my mental stress out with a 1 hour rehearsal.

    I usually stretch it out another half hour but our quintet is playing a demanding gig tomorrow evening at the Blue Whisp in Cincinnati, so I cut back a bit today. Started out with 5 minutes of long tones then 2 minutes of lip slurs, then launched into our band's song book.

    The work out consisted of reading through Duende (Latin tune written by our sax player); The Edge of the River (Brazilian tune written by Bobby LaVell with the Duke Ellington Orchestra for our band); Emancipation (high energy bebop written by our drummer); En Las Manos De Dios (Afro-Latin island song written by our sax player); 4-Miles (26 bar ballad written by me); Five Loaves, Two Fish (spiritual written by our sax player); Freedom Now (high energy bebop written by our leader - Ends on the G# below double high C - a range builder song); Hailey's Here (bebop ala Lee Morgan written by me ends on the A below double high C another range builder); Hidden Manna (jazz waltz written by our sax player); Hollywood's Song (Charlie Parker type bebop written by me); Jack Russell (Woody Shaw like bebop written by me); Jacktime (High energy Monkish bebop written by our sax player); John Paul (swing weaving in between 4/4 and 3/4 written by our sax player); JTC (Ornette Coleman style bebop written by our drummer); Last Day of December (Dixieland written by me); Left of Center (Advent garde bebop written by our sax player). That brought me up to my hour.

    So if any of you are in the Cincinnati area tomorrow evening, come down to the Blue Whisp and hear some of the songs from this list and judge for yourself if this hour of rehearsing was adequate to prepare me for the show!
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    Re: Today...

    got up to find my wife had found a lady who was selling an old Conn.. so we drove an hour to check it out....bought it (nice lady, her Dad use to play this horn, both her parents had passed within the last year) .. had lunch .. drove back .. cleaned it up.. checked it .. played it a little bit ..and headed back on the freeway for work...
    what a great thread...
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    Re: Today...

    Long tones, articulation, all major scales on 2 octaves (whenever possible) straight, in 3rds, in triplets ,arpeggios; then the polacca of "Variationen in G fur die cromatische trumpette" by Konstantin Kreutzer, the "Romance de Nadir" from Bizet's opera "Les Pecheurs de Perles", which I'm really tempted to use for a first attempt at an arrangement for brass quartet.

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