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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Tone seems "airy" in the General forums; Lately my tone has sounded a bit "airy" meaning that all of the notes I play seem to have a ...
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    Tone seems "airy"

    Lately my tone has sounded a bit "airy" meaning that all of the notes I play seem to have a little bit of a sound like blowing air through the horn behind them as I play them. I this an equipment problem (I play on a Yamaha 7c mouthpiece) or otherwise? I've hypothesized that, since I play french horn as well, I've gotten used to using a whole bunch of air to produce good tone due to the depth of the french horn's mouthpiece and now use a bit more air then required on my trumpet. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Tone seems "airy"

    wasn't this question answered on another post? maybe it was someone else ((Yes it was Saile)). I would say long, soft tones -- around 2nd line G (in the staff) and a few notes either way. focus on a clean sound. Realize that this may take a few weeks to achieve.
    Play the note as long as you can hold a good clean sound -- then rest as long, and of course repeat until you get tired
    give it some time, try not to get frustrated ---that's my opinion.

    keep in mind you should have the aperture (lips) closed enough to feel vibration and yet open enough to get good sound -- it takes patience and concentration --hope that helps
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