Hello trumpet cats;
I am happy to now offer two of my trumpet books in downloadable pdf format.
This is good news for trumpet players overseas because they save on shipping.
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Read what these artists say about Tongue Level & Air-26 Lessons To Efficient Trumpet Playing:

Dear Eric,
“I'm up in NYC for some concerts this week, and had the chance to really go through your tongue level book. It's very well done, I can see the Claude Gordon influence, and the way you present everything is really compact, efficient, and clear. You obviously have a knack for communicating ideas in a way that we could all learn from.”
Professor Chris Gekker
University of Maryland; International Soloist

“Eric Bolvin's new book Tongue Level and Air is a very logical, systematic approach to improving the trumpet player's tone, endurance, range and accuracy in all registers. Each lesson is preceded by a full page of well written instructions which address each aspect of the lesson. The lessons are progressive and each contain breathing exercises and several different tongue level exercises from breath pushes to intervals to lip (tongue) trills and, later, range elevators and glissandos.

I've already noticed improvement in my playing during the short time I've had these studies (thanks Eric!), and I think that this fine collection of exercises is very worthwhile to anyone who wants to improve their level of playing. At less than $14, the price is right!” .
Scott Diamond
Huntington, NY.
“Super book. Highly recommended for all grades of players Very good as a refresher course for experienced players. The tongue level & air book is beginning to give a good boost in my playing. I am struggling from the results of a serious lung infection contacted in the hospital after cancer surgery which went well. I am adapting as well as I can with reduced lung capacity.

I would recommend both books for all players. They are great and an exceptional buy for all trumpet players.”
Howard Sisson
Belmont MA

The Arban Manual-A 69 Lesson Course that takes you through the ENTIRE Arban:
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