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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Tonguing Questions in the General forums; So I have some trouble tonguing quickly. I feel like my tongue is big and not light when I tongue ...
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    Tonguing Questions

    So I have some trouble tonguing quickly. I feel like my tongue is big and not light when I tongue most times. If I'm tonguing something that is light and quick sounding I can go faster. So you're supposed to have your tongue tip almost to the back of your teeth right? Mine feels a little farther, not to much, but enough back to were it slows me down. So how do you know when your tongue is where it should be? Exercise and practice suggestions for improving speed are appreciated. And this might be a dumb question but does the size of your tongue matter? Like some people have really skinny tongues while others are fatter.
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    Re: Tonguing Questions

    I think that natural tonguing ability has more to do with your mother language. Still, all sluggishness can be overcome through LOTS of dedicated low impact practice.

    All of my students start double tonguing after the first couple of lessons and triple tonguing a couple of months later. In the beginning, when everything sounds "crappy" they are not sensitive to the thickness of sound. Within weeks everything is smooth and they have a BIG advantage over those players that wait until they have a nice sound and then start to practice tonguing....................
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    Re: Tonguing Questions

    I would not focus too much on your tongue placement yet ... it can really get into your head.
    When I want to increase the speed of anything I play I use a metronome ... I set it for a slow temp... usually 60 and then move it up to 120.. depending on the exercises I am playing .. you will know what's too fast. you have to be consciencious and be precise.
    I really like the exercises starting on page 125 of the Arbans. Clean precise attacks.. full tone on every note.
    Second.. one of the best ways to help your tonguing is through solid air support. If you are not putting enough air into it you will ram your tongue into the mouthpiece trying to get an attack ... and that will slow you down..not to mention sound really annoying.
    If this stuff sounds interesting... and you don't have a teacher ... find one ... you are obviously interested in improving your playing and are missing out on something pretty cool.
    If you do have a teacher, than you need to print this up and talk to him about any of it before you try it. It's not fair to the teacher to go off free lancing without his knowledge.
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